Whitehills Trip – 26/2/2023

Whitehills Trip – 26/2/2023

March 23, 2023 Club Magazine 0


Sean, Luke, Lulu – Triton

Deb – Paj Sport

Lin – FJ

Dave – Prado

The Miami Bakehouse never disappoints as a meeting place for any jaunt down to Whitehills.  A tasty morsel and warm coffee are a great way to start a trip, and Lin found some extra treats for sharing for morning tea!

It was a busy weekend and the track leading to the beach was littered with 4WD enthusiasts as varied in stature as the vehicles they were driving.  After airing down, the crew set off – Sean and his mighty Triton in poll position, followed by Deb in her sporty PJ (Pajero Sport), Lin in her trusty FJ cruiser and Dave in his Prado. 

The beach was busy with a large contingent of people making the most of the glorious weather, gentle seas and turning tide, and the opportunity to drop a line in the water and fish.  Several kilometres along the beach, we pulled up and set up a sheltered “camp”.  Awnings stretched between three of the vehicles provided protection from the sun and the gentle breeze, and Lin and Deb made themselves very comfy as they caught up on all the news. 

Encouraged by Luke and Lulu’s excitability, Sean had the tennis ball out and the dogs were in and out of the water fetching and chasing each other.

Dave had his rod set up, burley out and line in the water, and within less than a minute he had his first of many hauls.  Over the next few hours, Dave managed to catch enough Whiting and Herring to take some home for his mum and to cook dinner for Cindy!  On a couple of occasions, he managed to hook three fish from one cast – photo opportunities prevailed, and snaps were very quickly shared with Shane.

One of the great things about getting down on the beach and off the beaten track, is being able to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to have a complete break from phones and the daily grind.  The downside to this is that if you go off on the wrong track and get monumentally stuck, it’s really hard to get help! 

After a light lunch and enjoying the tasty treats that Lin had brought to share, we packed up before the incoming tide got too close to the vehicles. 

Yet again, Whitehills gave us a great chance to do some beach driving and fishing.

Story by Sean and Deb

Click on the link below to see a Youtube of this trip

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