Movies at Motich – May 2023

Movies at Motich – May 2023

May 27, 2023 Club Magazine 0

Attending in no particular order

Dave and Cindy – Prado – TL

Lin – FJ

Richard and Naomi – Paj

James – Jimney

Marnie – Prado – Guest

Peter and Janet – Ranger

Kyle and Claire – Patrol – Guest

Matt – Paj – TEC

Tony – Ranger

Motich Hut, what a perfect place to have a movies night. All Tracks is lucky to have an adoption agreement, we keep an eye on the 2 walkers huts, and we get to use the huts. The meeting point for the trip, was the track into Ridges. With a meet and greet, air down, we were off.

Richard led the trip towards Ridges Hut first, and, could you believe it?? It was perfect. Clean with nothing to pick up, no vandalism to report. Exactly what we wanted to see.

Happy with everything, and with a bit of Car Tetris, we managed to turn everyone around and lead them out, our next destination; High Hill. One of our guests, Marnie, is new to 4wding, High Hill is perfect for … getting her bogged. Everyone had a play on the hills, and Marnie did conquer one of the harder hills.

Time was starting to get away, meaning play time was over, time to head over to Motich, inspect the huts, set up camp and r e l a x . Once again, great to see Motich was clean and free from vandalism.

With a nice fire to cook on, and with night time on approach, it was time to set up the movie projector and screen.

Tonight’s movie was an old 1996 comedy, Down Periscope with Kelsey Grammar. Of course, we had to sit around the fire too.

The night was cold, as was everyone’s sleep that night. Sounds like a great excuse for a hot coffee I reckon.

With breakfast had, camp site left clean and everyone packed away, we headed out to the main road, airing up before heading home.

Big thanks to everyone that came.

Story by Dave F.


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