Brunswick, May 2023

Brunswick, May 2023

May 19, 2023 Club Magazine 0

Attending in no particular order

Dave – Prado – TL

Rob – Suzi

Gary and Az – 80 series

Alex – 79 series

Ki – 80 series

Simon, Di and Jacob- Triton

Lee and Keely – 80 series

Sean – Triton – TEC

Shane Scott – Prado

Photo borrowed from Google, I was too busy eating to think about the camera.

With a feed of freshly baked beef pie, coffee and a trip meeting, we headed off………sorta, I was having technology issues, so we quickly pulled over, reboot Hema, and then we were off.

Like most of my trips, the meeting point is at a bakery somewhere. You just have to start a day off with a coffee and a pie. The meeting point for this trip was the the local bakery in Harvey.

Going through my old photos/maps, I had worked out, its been 3 years since I was last here. I knew there was forestry works happening, but that was years ago. Excited to see what changed, I repeated a similar trip to the last time.

Arriving in the bush, we aired down, knowing the tracks would start to get tough.

Well, to my horror, they have run a bull dozer through here, some of my good tracks are now gone. This section here was, what I called, my pipeline track.

Before, in March 2020

After, in May 2023

Carrying on, we finally made our way to the powerlines track. Knowing we would need to back track a bit, we followed the track down; I was interested to see if the old bridge was still there. It is, a little more rotten compared to the last time, but it’s still there

Turning around, we followed up the powerlines track towards the main road. We did reach a little spot that provided a small challenge.

After a failed first attempt, a little track building , we all made it up. Sadly, after making it up, Alex still had ground clearance issues.

With quite a few backwards and forwards, max trax to try and raise clearance, and then a combination of winching and max trax, Alex was finally up, and 1 max trax destroyed. Cracked and missing a piece.

Funny enough, this piece had become a trophy piece for the trip. Bogged or stuck, you were awarded the trophy.

Proceeding forward, stopping for lunch, and then eventually carrying on to the other side of Brunswick, in hope these tracks weren’t bulldozed flat either.

Crossing the log bridge, the tracks from there are usually fun, not anymore, its also gone.

Back in March 2020

May 2023

We slowly made our way around to what I call the Rock Garden. As I was half way around, I saw that somebody had placed logs, so you can cross over to the other side. I crossed over to the other side, discovering that someone was camping there, so I turned around instead.

Sadly, my tow bar hooked on a rock, with a little more right foot, I managed to free myself, but this did award me the max trax trophy.

And we left with a fun exit

Leaving the Rock Garden, next on the menu was a few mud holes for people to play in.

The fun was done, and nearing the end of the day for the day travellers, it was time to descend the last steep hill before finding a spot to air up their tyres and for the rest of us to find camp for the night.

Great News. Alex, Ki and Sean drove down a little track just behind us here, Alex got bogged again. YAY, I can award him his “Bogged Trophy” again

After finally being winched out, we headed off to another little camp site that I knew about. We’ve stayed here quite a few times, it’s a perfect spot. Low in the valley, protected from the high winds above.

It was a special night. Tonight was Alex’s birthday. Armed with a birthday cake, and what sounded like dying cats, the All Tracks 4wd Club Choir screeched what sounded like a birthday tune.

The night was short lived, heavy rains started around 7.30, forcing everyone into their tents and well, after a big day, off to sleep.

Lee and Keely were up really early in the morning, followed by the rest of the crew. As we headed out, a small track caught our eye, we just couldn’t resist giving it a go.

A big thanks to everyone that came. I plan on making another trip out in hunt of some newer tracks.

Story by Dave F.

Click on the image below to see a YouTube vid of the day.


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