All Tracks Bush Cook off, Season 4, July 2023

All Tracks Bush Cook off, Season 4, July 2023

July 16, 2023 Club Magazine 0

Master Bush Chef’s Attending

David and Cindy – Prado

Lin – FJ

Podge – Prado

James – Jimny

Richard and Naomi – Paj

Stu and Michelle – Paj

Simon and Di – Triton

Matt and Tania – Paj

Shane and Emily – Triton

Lee – 80 series

Season 4 for All Tracks Bush Master Chefs, who would have thought it would have lasted for this many seasons. It’s such a great social event, where all the backyard chef’s come out and just try new foods to cook, in some cases, cook off night was their first attempt in making the dish, and that’s just part of the fun, just like the prizes, all prizes were joke prizes.

The meeting point for the trip, the old Chequers Hotel carpark, well, the carpark opposite the hotel, to be more precise. The meeting point was only for those few attending at this time. Some were coming later on in the day, whilst others made camp on the Friday night.

We slowly made our way into camp, set ourselves up, and had lunch before our next adventure.

A couple years back, Lee ran a joint club 4wd trip, as part of Lee’s trip, he took us to a water fall. I thought; with all the rain that we had, a walk to the waterfall was in order.

Simon wasn’t happy about this, he and Di did an early morning walk to the bottom of the hill and back, and now, he had learnt that he will be walking again.

Sorry buddy.

The walk was a gentle down hill descent, with a little bush track leading to the falls. With all the rain we had, I was hoping for a ‘mini Niagra Falls’, what we got was …………… nothing but a tiny trickle if you looked hard enough.

Sadly, the walk back to the car’s wasn’t down hill, never mind.

Leaving the carpark, we decided to take the long way back to camp.

The trip back to camp was quite easy, what’s a trip to Mandoon without a trip to the bottom of the hill? Well, before settling into camp, some of us made our way down to the bottom.

Low water level, July 2023

Water level, June 2023



Chef Simon was the first one to produce his final product for the many judges.

Lets be honest, the foods coming out were amazing, we had some major success and a few fails, but our chefs produced some great food. Look out MKR, we are coming for you.

And Tonight’s Contestants were

Simon – Pizza Pitas

Cindy – Orange & Almond Syrup Cake

Richard and Naomi – Pork and Gravy Rolls

Lin and James – Lamb and Beef Meatballs with spaghetti

Podge – Steamed Walnut and Raisin pudding in a can

Matt and Tania – Macaroni and Cheese, and Sticky Date Pancakes with Cinnamon Butter

Stu and Michelle – Beef Cassarole

David – Burger Pockets

Emily and Shane – Caramel Slice and Bacon and Egg Pie



First Prize goes to Podge, for his Steamed Pudding in a can. The winning prize……A box of Favourites Chocolates ……… That had been stuffed with empty chocolate wrappers, and a scratched but winning $5 scratchy ticket

First loser or more commonly known as second place goes to Richard and Naomi for Roast Pork and gravy rolls. The prize was an empty bottle of Olive Oil and a scratched but winning $1 scratchy.

Third place goes to Simon, for his Pizza Pita’s. The winning prize was a box of used Tea Bags, and a scratched scratchy, value…$0

A massive thanks to all the chefs, you all did a fantastic job, thank you for participating in this social event.

Only thing left to do for the night, was to put your feet up and enjoy the fire

Podge was the morning’s Hero. Up early and started the fire for the morning, was such a lovely fire too, just perfect to sit and eat brekky around.

Followed by the sad part of packing up and leaving a great weekend.

Story by Dave F.

Please click on the image below if you wish to see the video of the day.


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