Seabird along the Coast, August 2023

Seabird along the Coast, August 2023

September 25, 2023 Club Magazine 0


Keith – Ford Ranger (Trip Leader)

Wayne and Ryan – Toyota Fortuner

Dave – Toyota Prado

Gary and Azriel – Toyota Landcruiser 80 series (TEC)

Leanne and Derek – Toyota Hilux

Simon and Jacob – Mitsubishi Triton

Peter – Ford Ranger

The meeting point was in Guilderton just before the lighthouse where the bitumen ends and the dirt begins. It was a cold, cloudy and windy morning but it looked like the rain might hold off.

After we aired down and had a quick chat we headed off towards the lighthouse and immediately hit the soft sand.

It was a good turnout with seven vehicles and eleven people. As it was quite soft in places we aired down fairly low (I went straight to 15psi as I had reccied the track the week before and this seemed ok).

Dave put his drone up and took some footage of the group taking off.

There were also patches of rough caprock sticking up every now and then, we slowed down for not wanting to puncture our tyres (Tony). The dunes were not overly big but enjoyable none the less.

The track also had a few twisty, scratchy bits and most of us had our sand flags on for added visibility over the hills.

Dave and Gary were at the back and detoured off the main track briefly looking for a potential campsite close to the beach.  We stopped briefly for a stretch and a drink at a beacon not to far from Seabird. This enabled Dave and Gary to catch up and Dave needed to use Gary’s pie warmer as his had died!

We set off again on the last leg towards Seabird were we hit the bitumen but didn’t air down as it was only a short drive to the Seabird Tavern. There we sat inside as it was still quite cold out and we had a coffee and a bite to eat for an early lunch. Simon’s Triton was making some concerning noises so Gary took it for a short test drive but the noise didn’t seem to re- occur.

After lunch we headed back to Guilderton along the track again. Dave, Gary, Simon and Jacob were at the back and somehow took a wrong turn and as Jacob was driving the Triton he got stuck going up a hill. After several goes, Simon showed Jacob how to do it using a bit more of his right foot!

The rain had held off and we all aired back up at the start point ready to head back home along Indian Ocean Drive and the new freeway extension to Romeo Road.

Thanks to everyone that came along. It was a nice morning out.

Story by Keith

Click below to see a Youtube vid of the day.


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