Julimar Night Recci

Julimar Night Recci

October 20, 2020 Club Magazine 0

Friday 10 October 

ShaneMitsi Triton

Don and Jane- Nissan Patrol

A night drive is often  more challenging regarldess of how familiar you are with the track. Most of us have driven Julimar in day  light. At night it felt like I was driving it for the first time. We met at the usual place at the Heine Road at 6.30. pm

A quick bit to eat and a coffee then off we went. The recent rain provided some interest wiith water filled crossings. The usually boggy areas were avoided as a night recovery in soft, cold and deep mud was something to be avoided. However, Shane could not resist the lure of a muddy track. The mud was not very deep. The bottom was firm. What could go wrong? He bottomed out and came to sudden holt! Mmmn smelly mud on a hot motor! A simple snatch pull was needed.  Dummy Spit hill was an interesting drive at night as head lights don’t show the dips and side angles as well.

In summmary the new road works have made Julimar closer to the city and a challenging alternative to the powerlines track that we  all know well.

Story by Don

Photos courtesy of Shane, Don and Jane


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