Camp Cookoff Mk II

Camp Cookoff Mk II

November 4, 2020 Club Magazine 0

Chefs in no particular order

Roger and Karen – Spicy curry and rice

Richard and Naomi – Lamb Kofta balls with Tzatziki and Lebanese bread

Lin – Chicken, Bacon, Mushroom and Pasta bake in a Pesto and Cream sauce

Dave and Cindy – Lamb chop pot luck

Shane – Seafood Paella

Debbie and Paul – Chicken Cab

Penny and Spence – Spicy Taco’s

Todays day has 2 objectives.

1) Working with DBCA to finish off the bush clean up in that area, and

2) The camp cook off

After the bush clean up had finished, the group set out exploring other areas of the park, leaving just a few of us behind.

With the upcoming fire ban starting soon, and with the success of the last cook off ( link below )

we thought we had time to sneak in one more cook off competition.

Like with anything you do, you need to start with the prep work. We needed a nice fire going in order to have some nice hot coals to cook with. So, as you do, being a 4wd club, Richard and Naomi plus myself and Cindy snuck off for our own 4wd trip.

Sorry, I digressed

With the fire started and the return of the fellow competitors, the fierce competition began.

Penny had her affairs in order. She rushed out and grabbed her ingredients. 1 x PC computer, 1 x mouse, 1 x tethered internet connection, 1 x subscription to the sports channel, 1 x Wallabies v All blacks Rugby game.

All and all, the chefs all created great meals, everyone left there with full bellies. Karen and her great niece created an awesome peach cake for dessert.

Ok, time for the winning results.
First place was tied. Congrats to Roger and Karen with their curry.

The other first place was Debbie and Paul with their chicken fettuccine.

Second place goes to Lin for her chicken pasta pesto dish.

Big thanks to everyone, a great team effort

Story by Dave F.

Click on the image below for the YouTube vid of the day

Check out the gallery below

Photos courtesy of Shane, Penny and Spence, Richard and Naomi, David and Cindy

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