Wheatbelt Wander 22

Wheatbelt Wander 22

January 19, 2023 Club Magazine 0

Friday – Monday 5-8th August 2022


Richard & Naomi – Pajero (Trip Leader)

Keith & Kirk – Ranger

Tony & Anna – Ranger

Burgo & Susan – Landcruiser

Graham & Monica – Patrol

After the feedback on how well the Koorda weekend went in 21 it was decided to run a similar trip in 22, but make it a four-day affair. As it was planned to be a fairly flexible touring type trip, I gave out all the details of where we planned to camp each night, that way people could join us (or leave) at any point depending on their availability. As it was everyone had taken the Friday off and was ready to go at the BP Muchea ,

as I had no real itinerary other than camp spots, I asked the group if there was anything in particular, they would like to do, the feedback was basically to go wherever and they would follow.


            Our first stop was just up the Gt Northern Hwy at Spoonbill Lake, everyone got out to stretch their legs after being on the road for about 20mins.

Even though this is a nice area it became apparent that there was not a lot of wildflowers out in bloom. After our stroll it was time to hit the road again for a short commute to the bakery at Bindoon. It would appear that taking it easy would be the vibe of this extended weekend, no one was in a rush to do anything in particular and they would rather just chill out a bit. With our caffeine intake sorted we headed off again towards Calingiri, as we needed some extra firewood for the evening, we deviated off down some side roads before popping back out on the Bindi Bindi Rd. From Calingiri it is a short drive northwest towards Wongan Hills to our first camp at Lake Ninan.  

            This is the second time that I have brought club members to Lake Ninan, as it offers a relaxing spot to camp and an ever-changing vista depending on the amount of water in the lake or the time of day. After setting up camp there was time for a walk along the shore, this gave everyone plenty of thought time to work out what would be getting cooked up that night.  

The difference between Sunset and early morning is quite striking,

as it was a late night a few slept in whilst others went for another walk along the shore.

After packing up and working out a rough plan for the day we dropped into Café of Note in Wongan Hills for a mid-morning coffee, this was an awesome find as unfortunately the bakery has been closed every time we come through here. From here we headed west to Mount O’Brien lookout to check out the views over the surrounding farmlands.

It was on the western slopes that we managed to find some wildflowers of note.

Our group then headed eastwards in a zig zag manner towards Koorda. The Koorda Caravan Park is a delightful little park with fresh facilities and we were able to locate a spot to set up our van along with the camper trailers & swags together. We had a chilled afternoon sitting around chatting before heading over to the Drive In, everyone was in quite good spirits even though a cool evening was forecast.

Sunday morning, we had the obligatory Bacon & Egg Burgers on offer for everyone, this got everyone fueled up and ready to face the day.

Before Graham & Monica set off as they had to be back home that arvo, we had a group photo taken.

         Leaving Koorda, we headed northeast to it’s namesake reserve to check it out as a possible group campsite for future trips.

This could be a good spot as there is plenty of space in an old gravel pit and at the right time, there would be heaps of wildflowers here. It was during the transit to our next destination – Mollerin Rock, that we had some light drizzle, which helped with the dust from the road, but was of no real significance.  Mollerin Rock has a camp area set up on an abandoned golf course, there is vast areas to camp here, but it seems a lot of other campers liked the immediate spots next to the drop toilet, each to their own!

We found a clearing a few hundred meters further on that meant we could form a semi-circle around our campfire, this also gave us some shelter from the little bit of windy rain that came through. After some more walks it was time to hang around the fire to reminisce our last night on this short trip.

Monday morning saw more Bacon & Egg Muffin/Wraps on offer, even though most declined once they smelt them cooking, they asked if one was available. With everyone fed and now packed up we set off towards Toodyay with a few interesting detours due to my dodgy Navman, with Tony, Anna, Burgo & Susan electing to head straight home from Toodyay. Keith, Kirk, Naomi & myself headed to the Cola Café for a late lunch. As this is when the cold front went over, we pretty well had the place to ourselves apart from a couple of cheeky 28’s.


All in all it was a very relaxing weekend with good mates who made it all the more special.                   

All the best

Richard Cooper


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