First Aid Training Feb 2023

First Aid Training Feb 2023

February 13, 2023 Club Magazine 0


Naomi & Richard, Tony, Alex, Dave & Cindy, Keith, Matt, Lee, Penny, Lin, James, Jane & Don, Wilco, Peter, Graham & Monica, Alana

When reviewing memberships, we saw that over 70% of members either had never completed the couse or had done some time ago and it was no longer current. The committee decided this as an opportunity of offer first aid training to members.  It was treated as a trip and run on a weekend so as many members as possible could attend.  

With everyone completing the online part of the course (yep – I pestered some!), we gathered at Royal Life Saving WA in Mt Claremont for the practical.  Alicia (our trainer) threw us striaght into it with CPR first!  We lulled her into a false sense of security and were quiet for the first 20 minutes.  The spell was soon broken and, like a bunch of kids, there was few quiet moments!

After learning our DRSABCD, we moved on to the 5 B’s. Some of our bandaging skills were interesting  to say the least, 

Our skills with a sling took some practice!

And took a lot of concentration!

We learned to deal with snake bites.

A huge thank you to Alicia – I’m sure at times it was like herding cats. We all learned a lot and she kept us all on track, while making it a great experience for all. 

First Aid is a little like insurance – great to have but hope you never need to use it for anything too serious!! It’s great that 20 more members now have basic first aid training, and if anything happens, no matter how minor, we have the skills to help.

I think I speak for all and would highly recommend Royal Life Saving for first aid training.




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