Australia Day long weekend 2023

Australia Day long weekend 2023

February 22, 2023 Club Magazine 0


Penny & Spence FJ 40 Toyota Landcruiser (Amber)

Cindy & Dave Toyota Prado

Ivo & Lucy 76 series Toyota Landcruiser

Lee & Keely 80 series Toyota Landcruiser

Stuart & Michelle Mitsubishi Pajero

Peter & Malou 76 Series Toyota Landcruiser

Gary, Claire, Gabriel & Azriel 80 series Toyota Landcruiser

Deb & Sean Triton (Luke & Lulu)

Craig & Justine BT50 (Angus)

Simon, Diane & Jacob Triton

Trent Land-drover Discovery

Tony & Anna Ford Ranger

Richard & Naomi Mitsubishi Pajero

Alex & Diana 79 series Toyota Landcruiser

Steve, Susan & Stephanie Toyota 200 series (Titan, the dog)

Don and Jane GU 4.2 Nissan Patrol

Brandon Isuzu D Max

Shane & Emily Triton (Shiloh)

An extended weekend at Karridale for the Australian day long weekend has developed into a happy club tradition thanks to Penny and Spence hosting us on their property.

Spence and Penny arrived early to mow the grass to encourage the snakes to move on, thanks I am not a fan of them, and to decorate their place.

Their house and garden decorated with Australian flags provided a very pleasant and shady area. It was big enough to accommodate all of us.

Twelve camper trailers, 2 roof toppers, 3 caravans and 3 swags provided comfortable accommodation for everybody, all 38 of us.

Lamb and pies were on the menu to celebrate all things Australian.

Camping at Karridale enabled the club members to launch a number of activities catering for different interests amongst its members.

·        The early risers tried fishing but no catching, except the sunrise.  

·        Some tried snorkelling and paddle boarding. It was here, Shane tried walking on water after encountering a bronze whaler shark.

·        The canoes/kayaks, paddle board were launched at Alexander Bridge and Lake Jasper.

·        Saturday was spent four-wheel driving to Black Point and Lake Jasper. There were a lot of wombat holes and our suspensions had a thorough work out. 

·        As usual, Ivo led the bush walking and cleared the track of the cob webs. This was much appreciated.

·        The dogs had a swim or two. 

·        Plenty of pub food was enjoyed.

·        And some just enjoyed sitting back and chilling out.

·        In the evening we gathered in a circle, without the fire, to chat, enjoy the stars and make plans for the next adventure.

On Friday morning the drizzle did not hang around long enough to spoil the day or the fun we had. It was cool enough for some to need jumpers in the evening and a welcome change from the heat in Perth.

Thanks Penny and Spence for your great hospitality. We had a great weekend. Watch for more stories.

Don and Jane

Trip report for the Black Point and Lake Jasper on 27th January 2023

The day started at 9am as 11 vehicles assembled in the Karridale Tavern carpark for a briefing from Spencer. 

We headed towards the Blackwood State Forest and aired down before entering. Spencer then led us towards the National Park with only one error, driving onto a private property. He realised after a few shouts over the radio about the private property sign that he drove straight past, so he turned around and back to the track. 

The track conditions in the park ranged from corrugation to soft rutted sand, the type that would’ve had Anna screaming the “F” word over and over with her fractured arm. 

All vehicles got through without any trouble, except for mine (Pajero) that decided to shut down the electrics to my 4×4 dash indicators. A tip from Gary was to shut the car off and restart it. The reset worked and we were back on the road again. Thanks Gary.

We reached Black Point and stopped to enjoy the amazing views from the lookout and some morning tea. If you have never been here like Michelle and I, you really need to make the trip, the view from the lookout was stunning to say the least. 

Once we got back in our vehicles, we started heading towards Lake Jasper. This proved to be harder than first thought, as Spencer spotted a driver training a convoy of around 14 vehicles coming in the opposite direction.

Normally this wouldn’t have been an issue, but our convoy of 11 had started up a narrow hill from a T intersection. Part of the convoy had to pull over, some of us had to reverse back down the hill while the remainder had to remain still untill the training mob had passed. 

Onwards to Lake Jasper we travelled, the track wasn’t difficult but it was entertaining in some of the longer soft sandy hills. 

We arrived at Lake Jasper in time for a spot of lunch. For some it was a bite to eat, relax and enjoy all the beauty the lake had to offer, some went in for a dip, while others went kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.

Unfortunately for Simon, or shoud we call him Hunny Bunny? (Who are we to judge), he took his kayak all the way from Karridale to Lake Jasper, but managed to leave his paddle back at the camp site. 

After lunch, we headed around Lake Jasper, found a spot to air up, kept going along the Brockman Hwy, Bussell Hwy and back to the starting point at Karridale Tavern for a couple of drinks and to reflect on the day. 

Thank you Spencer for leading this stunning scenic and enjoyable trip. 

Stu and Michelle.

Fishing, snorkeling, Diving and a Shark Sighting.

One of the many pleasures we have in Karridale is, our early morning’s fishing expedition. With a convoy of 5, we had set off down Bob’s track. Airing down at the start before making our way to the beach.

Parked up on the beach, the rush was on to set up and start fishing. I can’t recall who caught the first fish.

The water was perfect, calm, warm and very inviting.

We may not have caught a lot of fish today, but we certainly enjoyed the trying. Fish filleted, and everything packed away, we encountered our first breakdown of the day.

A flat battery. Shane says, if you want the battery, you can have it, its free of charge.

Returning back to camp, we quickly dumped all our fishing gear for swimming gear, saddled up and headed off to Canal Rocks for a dip. Canal Rocks car park was packed, fortunately we all found spots to park.

Time to get wet. The warm water was inviting, we all enjoyed ourselves. From swimming, snorkelling and jumping off the bridge.

To scuba diving, enjoying what’s under the water line.

The water was so clear, you could see everything. Shane had decided to swim out to our dive flag for a look, before turning back.

This is where Shane had encountered his first shark experience. The shark swam towards Shane, got to a couple meters away and then turned away.

Cindy was enjoying her swim. Cindy was watching a free diver swimming past, with a speared fish in tow. Then, she saw it, Cindy was behind the shark as it swam away from her.

The news had reported 25 shark sightings this day, this included this shark, reported to be a 2.5m shark.

Looking at shark pics, Cindy identified the shark to be a Bronze Whaler. This pic is just a general pic and not of the actual shark from that day.

Leaving Canal Rocks, some of us headed back to the house, while others stopped for an ice cream. The “Ice Creamer’s” took a while to get back to the house, one of the cars decided that a split intercooler hose was on the menu.

Overall, everything was perfect, we all had a ball.

A big thanks to Penny and Spence for opening your house to the Club once again.

Story by Dave F.

Aussie Day Paddling

Naomi & Richard, Lee & Keely, Stuart & Michelle

While the divers & snorkelers went to Canal Rocks, the paddlers went to in opposite direction to
check out the Blackwood River at Alexandra Bridge. Giving the camp ground a wide berth, we
accessed the river on the west side of the bridge and found a great spot to launch the kayaks.
As we have varying degrees of experience, it was great to see how flat the river was.

We sunscreened, got all our kayaks ready to go. As the river way flowing upstream, we
paddled with the current initially.

We had a leisurely paddle upstream, past the campground, then turned around at the
powerlines to come back down stream. Back at Alexandra Bridge, Michelle and I continued
downstream, enjoying the reflections in the river. The menfolk spun tall tales aka secret men’s

It was great to see a different view of the Blackwood and awesome that most boaters were
respectful and slowed to pass us (thanks peeps – you made our morning much more

With the promise of a country bakery (Stu was VERY excited!!), we packed up and headed into
Augusta for the obligatory pie on Australia Day.

Boranup Forrest

Naomi & Richard, Tony & Anna, Diane

Our last full day of the weekend. Some had packed up early to head home – Scorcher’s tickets
being the driving force for some.
While one group went to Hamelin Bay to check out the stingrays, others went into Augusta to take pups for a swim, we decided to check out one of the many walks around Boranup Forest.
We set off with a rough plan of where we were going – about 5km in total with Caves Road to
the east, and the ocean to the west!

We walked along Caves Road looking for the track into the forest. It’s amazing how well the
forest has recovered after a huge bush fire just over 12 months earlier.

We followed the track into the forest, then along Boranup Drive (aka the never ending hill). Once
we finally got to the top, we followed the road around, past the campground, and downhill
(phew!) back to Caves Road.

On the home stretch, we passed the group going to Hamelin Bay, and found our way back to
camp – some 8.6km later! Anna’s amazingly did the whole walk with a broken elbow – I guess
you only use your feet

Check out the Youtube vid from this great trip


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