Mandurah Merry Christmas Lights, Dec 2023

Mandurah Merry Christmas Lights, Dec 2023

December 23, 2023 Club Magazine 0

Vessel Osprey

Dave and Cindy

Shane, Jane and Emily

Sean and Deb

Sue, Steve and Steph

Penny and Spence

After a successful trip last Christmas, I thought I would try another trip this year. We hired the pontoon boats from Mandurah Hire and we took ourselves through the Mandurah canals as night, checking out all the wonderful Christmas lights.

Meeting a little earlier in the day, our trip started off, meeting at a very near by restaurant, and having a wonderful dinner with friends.

Little did Shane know, with his birthday a couple days away, I brought in some mini cupcakes as a birthday cake, where we sang a big happy birthday. Happy Birthday Mate!

With dinner out of the way, the boats were literally a few steps away. Making our way over, we hopped onto our 12 seater pontoon boat named “Osprey”, and after listening to what felt like a 20 minute safety briefing, we set off in a high rate of speed. 5 knots to be precise, these boats are governed to a s l o w speed.

The weather conditions was slightly windy, with a possible thunderstorm. Fortunately we were well protected inside the canals. We did a short little ride around before entering the canals. The sun was starting to set, but the sky was a little to bright to take in the full affect of the magical lights.

Joining the queue of boats, we entered the canals, and admired the scene.

Thank you to everyone that came, and a Merry Christmas to you all.

Story by Dave.

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