Preston Beach to Myalup, Dec 2023

Preston Beach to Myalup, Dec 2023

December 15, 2023 Club Magazine 0


Dave – Prado – TL

Rory & Kelly Colorado 7 – guest

Shane – Triton – TEC

It’s been quite a while now, since I’ve ran a White Hill’s trip, or since I’ve been fishing, so I thought it was about time. Right until Lin shared some hurtful information. White Hill Rd is closed for maintenance.

So I decided to run my trip a little further south, Preston Beach to Myalup. After looking at google earth, the next beach south again wasn’t that far away, so, if I could make it there, I would. The plan for the trip was simple, drive along the beach, stop for a fish/swim/bbq lunch/not get bogged. We achieved everything except for a swim.

The meeting point for this trip was the Preston Beach car park. We were followed in by a big group of 4wders, who were quick to air down and head off. We were waiting for one more before heading off ourselves.

Getting onto the beach from Preston was very easy, as was our travels along the beach.

The drive from Preston to Myalup is about 24.8k’s, and this was the spot we chose. Its 13.2648kms from Preston. This is the secret spot where all the fish congregated, and were waiting to jump on our fishing hooks. With camp set, we started setting up our fishing gear.

Let the fishing begin!!

With lunch time approaching, we put the fishing rods down, and picked up the filleting knife. Fresh fish, snagger with fried onions and bacon was on the menu.

With lunch out of the way, we packed up and headed south towards Myalup, if possible the next beach south. The trip out was very a pleasant, not hard, no real dramas.

As we approached Myalup, we learnt that this may be the end of the road for us. The beach to the south was closed as it’s part of a swimming area. With no obvious way to get back onto the beach, we stopped and aired up for our drive home.

A big thanks to everyone that came out today, it was certainly and enjoyable trip. It has been so long since I have been fishing, I almost needed an instruction manual on how to do it.

I can’t wait for White Hills to be open again, as its one of my favourite beaches to travel and fish on, I know I already have a date on the calendar for my next trip out.

Story by Dave.

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