Tech – How to create a trip report

Tech – How to create a trip report

March 12, 2024 Club Magazine How To 0

I thought I would create a “how to ” guide on how to create a trip report. Hopefully this guide makes it easy for you, and easy for me, to create a great trip report.

To demonstrate this, I will use a trip report that I’ve recently received

A link to the original story can be found here “Quickie to Breton”

Emailed trip report

The email contains a trip report composed in Word, and all photos relating to the trip.

Once saved, I can see clearly see the photos have been labelled.

Looking at the images, there is one image called “Banner”. This banner or header pic is used at the start of the story. Think of it as the picture on the front of book. It’s what draws the person to read your book.

Labelled image
What the image looks like
Image used as banner final product

Once opening the Word document. The trip report starts off with the important things like: Where, When and Who. The story title can be “punny” “funny” or anything you like really.

Writing your trip report on a Word doc, makes it really easy for me. It’s as simple as cutting and pasting.

What really helps me with regards to picture placement is the labelling of the pictures in the sent email and in the story itself.

Things I look forward to seeing in a trip report is stuff like, meeting point pics, airing up and down pics, bogged pics, maybe lunch pics and anything that looks awesome to see.

The more pics the better. If you would like to share more pics, or other people would like to share pics on your trip, you are more than welcome to send them along. I can create a general slide show or add more pics to your story.

We have a few Club Youtubers amongst us ( or if you want to have a go and create your own Youtube vid). I can link that to the story aswell.

If it makes it easier for you, I’m more than happy to receive your pics via Whatsapp (labelled). Please send your story via email, detailing pic placement. Whilst I do try and attend a lot of trips, and I may have an idea where they go, I’m not always there, and I wont know where to place the pics if they aren’t labelled.

Cheers, Web Editor


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