Matt’s trip in Avon Valley

Matt’s trip in Avon Valley

March 15, 2024 Club Magazine 0


Matt – Pajero  

Simon & Jacob –  Defender  

Rob –  Suzuki Vitera

Evo –  Landcruiser 

Don & Jane – GU Nissan Patrol 

Hannah – GU Patrol

Meeting in Bullsbrook, by the time we left the meeting point, the day was already starting to warm up, not a problem while we were sitting in our air-conditioned vehicles. Not so good for Simon and Jacob.
Avon Valley tracks at this time of the year are dry, rocky and slippery on the gravel. We travelled up
and down some very scenic parts of the valley. The tracks were challenging in parts due to the dry
gravel and to the tight turns. There was lots of dust and a few lifted wheels.

Other parts of the track were over grown and eventually became too dense for further travel. This
suggests that we need to visit these places more often to retain them.

We were able to drive down to the Avon River bank. Matt and Simon were able to venture across
due to a rocky base and low water levels, they did not find much and therefore returned.

While they were driving around the rest of us stood around for a lunch and coffee break on the river bank.
Time to head home, the tracks in reverse present different challenges. An unexpected obstacle was
a sleepy lizard who did not appreciate being moved off the track.

This was Simon’s first drive with his new “Restricted Use” license plate. Thanks, Richard, for organizing this. This would be a good place for a night run.
Thanks Matt, for an enjoyable morning in the bush.


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