Wellington Dam club trip Between Christmas and New Year 2023-24

Wellington Dam club trip Between Christmas and New Year 2023-24

March 6, 2024 Club Magazine 0


Roger & Karen 76 Toyota Landcruiser & camper trailer

Derek, Zoye, Emily & Caden Nissan Narva & camper trailer

Don & Jane GU Nissan Patrol & camper trailer

Shane & Jaxson Toyota Prado & camper trailer

As a club, Wellington Dam in the summer time, between Christmas and New Year, has been our go to place for a bit of chill out time. Here there is shade, water to play in and not many other campers close by as we generally look for a place to camp that is a bit of challenge to get into. At night, sound carries a long way and we hear other camper’s music which was not bad this year. 

Can you spot our neighbours?

The tracks into the camp site provided their own special challenges. Because this area gets used in winter the tracks are eroded and many have offset holes and ruts. Even the chicken tracks have also become more challenging especially as you try to re-join the main track again. 

This year the water levels were lower than usual and as a result you had to make your way through some very soft mud to get into the water. Yuck! With lower water levels, small islands and sand bars have appeared in the dam photo and it was possible to drive along more of the shore.

Young Jaxson enjoyed his bug free zone, while Emily enjoyed swimming and kayaking with Mum.  Young Caden was not a happy boy as he picked up an eye infection which he then shared with his dad, Derek.

We spent a lot of time just chilling and only moved when the shade moved. Jane meandered with the camera and found a bull ant nest with the entrance being a couple of centimetres wide. She fluked a picture of their nippers without being bitten. 

While driving around we found some interesting and challenging tracks that demanded careful driving especially the steep downhill sections. 

The steepest downhill looked daunting yet I remember driving up it on other trips, so we tackled and successfully negotiated it. Shane managed to start a rock roll and that followed him down the hill. 

The powerline track that led into Collie was an interesting drive, much better than the usual bitumen route. Not as hard as Mundaring but with lots of bumps and holes.

So, the sun sets on another adventure.

Regards Don & Jane

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