Matilda Bay 10 March 2023

Matilda Bay 10 March 2023

March 31, 2024 Club Magazine 0


Naomi and Richard

Penny and Spence

Kathy and Keith

Kerry and Nick (Visitors at the time)



Tony arrived early to secure a good spot…as you can see from the picture.  Naomi and Richard were there next and helped to set up.

We were close to public conveniences, but sadly a trek to the Barbeques.  This was only an issue for Keith, Kathy, Nick and Kerry (sorry guys).

We were lucky and had an extremely relaxing day in what turned out to be a beautiful autumn day in Perth. The most strenuous part of the day for me was to put up and take down the flags, followed by watching Keith paddle his kayak in the river.

I would like to say that our flags generated a tremendous amount of interest from the hundred of people in and around Matilda Bay…Sadly that was not the case!  I suspect it was because the Matilda Bay crowd is more into cappuccinos and lattes than sand, gravel and mud.

My thanks to all those that attended.  Personally, it was nice for me to go on a club trip and not have to:

  • Be recovered
  • Change a tyre (or two)
  • Avoid awkward silences (thanks Nick)

In closing, did you hear about the two flowers that talked non-stop?

I guess there were no orchid silences 

Story by Tony.

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