Tech Story – Maxtrax to the rescue.

Tech Story – Maxtrax to the rescue.

March 20, 2024 Club Magazine 0

Following is a story showing the importance of having the humble Maxtraxs when going into sandy
On Sunday night at 19.11 I received a message from a friend if I had any suggestions with a picture
showing his Prado buried to the sills in sand.

I asked what his tyre pressures were and suggested to go to 10 psi as he was already on 15.
He tried but he was bottomed out and got no movement.
The decision was made that I would come to help him.
Luckily I had my mighty LX470 ready to go with the dual battery just installed in the rear after the old battery died under the bonnet.
At 19.30 I headed to Two Rocks to his location.
At 20.25 I reached the entry point and now came the part where I had to find the right track to reach his location in the dark. After airing down to 15 psi, I continued following the GPS. Unfortunately, I took a wrong turn and ended up at the entrance to the beach. And got bogged.

A bit of digging and the Maxtraxs saw me reversing out and turning around. At least I have checked that the Maxtraxs are working.
At 20.55 I located him and stopped 15 meters behind him on a patch of hard sand.
The mandatory pictures were taken before I took the Maxtraxs out. I asked my friend to dig a bit
more sand from under his car to clear the side steps and placed the Maxtraxs behind his rear wheels.
He asked me if I wasn’t going to snatch him, but I thought that all he needed was the Maxtraxs.
I put my friend behind the wheel of his Prado, checked that he was in low gear with center diff lock in and told him to reverse without spinning his wheels.
The Prado came out first try.
His first reaction was: “I need those things.”

I lead the way out on the tracks following my GPS and was back home at 22.25.
Time for bed.

Story by Wilco

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